At mindecology.co.uk, ecowellbeing and social justice is at the forefront of what we’re working together towards. 

Who We Are

Our Roots

We are a grassroots movement, a kinship group, of systemic counsellors, psychotherapists, researchers, social activists and mindfulness practitioners, who support climate action and social justice.

We extend social to include not just human systems but all living (and non-living) matter (Simon and Salter 2019).


The Welsh Government's The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act centralises the close relationship between community wellbeing and the ecology of which we are all part. We do not live in ecology; we are ecology (Simon and Salter 2019). We cannot separate mind and nature, (Bateson, Gregory 1979 and Nora; 2016).

The recent emphasis on this close relationship with the distress people experience in relation to political and ecological crises being named as eco anxiety is an important recognition but it mis-locates the locus of responsibility by individualising and pathologising the concern. It is not an illness it is a deeply felt response to the troubles and losses in the world. We are meant to feel this way in response to loss.

By "turning up" at climate action and social justice gatherings we stand alongside people who show their concern by being there and we offer the opportunity for people to talk with us or otherwise communicate their distress and concern for our world. We support people, through solidarity, being there, walking, talking, holding group talks and creating pop up spaces for dialogue.

We never charge a fee. We do not take referrals. We do not offer “treatment”, we engage in dialogue about what matters; in ways that support individual and community resilience. If you are organising an event that is in line with our concern for people and planet then you can contact us to request that we attend to give a talk on eco wellbeing and/ or to create a pop up space for people to talk with us. 


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"We are not in ecology. We are ecology" (Simon and Salter, 2019)


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